Ring size

Knowing how to choose a ring size is essential when purchasing rings for yourself or a loved one. And not everyone, probably not even most people, know their ring sizes by heart. So we have gathered a few tips on ring sizes for you to read through to help you in determining the size you need.

  • The most accurate measurement comes from trying on a ring sizer, which is basically rings in any size that exist, to find the one that fit you best. You can do this in any jewellery or goldsmith shop if you ask.
  • Another possibility is to measure the diameter of a ring you own and fits well. Follow the chart below to see the size based on it's diameter.
  • Take a piece of string or cut a strip of paper. Wrap it around your finger, not too tight and not too loose. Measure the length of the string or paper to get finger circumference, and follow the chart below to find your size. Note that EU ring size is basically the finger circumference measured in mm.

Midi ring size 

In our collection there are two midi rings; rings that sit around the middle of your finger, above the knuckle. We have sized these in 4 different sizes from S to XL. The midi ring is easy to adjust around ones finger if you the approximate size. If you know that you have small or thin fingers and want to wear it on your pinky finger you should probably go for seize S. If you know you have large hands or thicker fingers and want to wear it on your middle finger you should choose size L or XL. If you are unsure choose M or L and you'll definitely find that it fits on one of your fingers. It's easy to slightly tighten and widen the midi ring - simply squeeze it around your finger, or pull it gently a little bit apart.


41 13.1
42 13.4
43 13.7
44 14.0
45 14.3
46 14.6
47 15.0
48 15.3
49 15.6
50 15.9
51 16.2
52 16.6
53 16.9
54 17.2
55 17.5
56 17.8
57 18.1
58 18.5
59 18.8
60 19.1
61 19.4
62 19.7
63 20.1
64 20.4
65 20.7
66 21.0
67 21.3
68 21.6
69 22.0